Monday, April 06, 2009

False Teachers: Rejecters of Authority

“Have you ever noticed how false teachers are very often not only rejecters of divine authority, but rejecters of all authority? I think that’s interesting to notice. So very often, liberals, apostates, are actively fighting for revolutionary causes against the government, against the church. Maxwell Coder says this, ‘Jude 8 supplies a key to the otherwise inexplicable fact that apostate religious leaders are often found associating with subversive religious organizations which seek to overthrow the authority of the United States.’ It is characteristic of apostasy to be in rebellion. Why? Because they are agents of Satan, and believe it, he is in rebellion. He is rebelling against the government, against the home, against the church, against every divine authority that God has established.”

John MacArthur - Sermon on Jude 8-13, “The Conduct of Apostate False Teachers.”

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