Thursday, July 21, 2011


The fourth line of the 18th page in the book nearest me reads, "Thus gently him didst treate." (Edward Taylor, "Upon a Spider Catching a Fly," from The Oxford Book of American Verse. New York: Oxford, 1950).

Excited because they found a new moon, or because they called Pluto a "planet?"
Need Gospel Tracts on a shoestring budget? Visit these sites:

The Library Books are coming home! "The first semi truck load of books returned home on July 19 to the G. Allen Fleece Library at Columbia International University, from their temporary housing in Atlanta. The books were cleaned and restored in Georgia following a May 2009 fire at the library."

Can you name 50 of the most important landmarks of the world?

I leave you with a thought: "Truth fears no questions."

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