Thursday, November 17, 2011


Justin Taylor answers the question, "Does an Unbelieving Child Disqualify an Elder?"

The Reformed Evangelist answers the question, "Is Inter-Racial Marriage Biblical?"
Modern ills threaten ancient Judean Hills springs.

Unity and love as Apologetics; or "Apologetics For The Rest of Us".

I don't do sports much, but here are 10 of the most unusual sports venues of all time, ever (my fav has got to be "Two Teams, One Endzone".

Researchers Finish Grueling 520-Day Mock Mission to Mars. Two of the three "astronauts" were paid about $100,000.00 each. The Chinese researcher, on the other hand . . .

Now here's a toughy. Standing on the Moon, what would hit the ground first: a feather or a hammer? Astronaut David Scott performed this experiment in 1971:

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