Saturday, February 17, 2018

"Tim's Vermeer"

Ever chase a rabbit? What I mean is, have you made a startling discovery as the result of a mere distraction? 

While following two of my favorite magicians online, I stumbled onto a documentary directed by Teller (of Penn & Teller). Being a lover of good magic and classical "anything" (art, music, literature, philosophy, etc) I was intrigued as to why a team of magicians would make a documentary about Johannes Vermeer, a Dutch painter who lived in the 1600's. You might know his work: 

"Girl With A Pearl Earring" (1665)
Source: Wikipedia
This compelling documentary reminds one to slow down and take another, perhaps an even deeper look at art because what Vermeer left are more than paintings. The man was more than an artist. He mastered time with a paintbrush.

The film is available on YouTube for $2.99 or on DVD from Netflix. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Strife and Fear

On two separate occasions, Seneca penned two thoughts that compliment each other. The first is this:

“I don’t agree with those who plunge headlong into the middle of the flood and who, accepting a turbulent life, struggle daily in great spirit with difficult circumstances. The wise person will endure that, but won’t choose it—choosing to be at peace, rather than at war.” (MORAL LETTERS, 28.7)

And the second: 

“Many are harmed by fear itself, and many may have come to their fate while dreading fate.” (Oedipus, 992)

One wonders if some people plunge headlong into foolishness because they are driven by fear. Herds of animals have been known to stampede to their own harm to escape bugs. What a small thing a bug is that a beast will risk drowning or plunging over a precipice out of fear.

Not too long ago I encountered a person who, for reasons unknown to me, simply cannot abide in peace. There must be strife. To be fair, this person has endured trauma and abuse so happiness seems to be an impossibility. In order to feel safe, secure, this one feels the need to create discomfort in order to find a familiar place of personal comfort. Some chose a turbulent life because the thought of a peace life is unfathomable. Some live in constant fear to their own destruction.

It's a war of passions. A person wants or needs but would rather steal or kill than simply ask. A person desires but cannot receive (for whatever reason) so one fights. Or they ask but do not receive because their motive is harmful to them or others so they incite strife.

It does not have to be this way. A wise person is able to endure turbulence, but a wise person will not chose it.

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