Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Character of The Philosopher

“For philosophy doesn’t consist in outward display, but in taking heed to what is needed and being mindful of it.” (Musonius Rufus, Lectures, 16.75.15-16)

Philosophy is not all head-stuff and thinkology. The lover of wisdom discerns, understands, directs the mind in order to take appropriate action. The lover of wisdom has a plan that informs works. The lover of wisdom is identified by character: he is aware of himself and his relationships to others.

Imagine for a moment a young lady who, stepping through an open door says “thank you.” A nice young lady, correct? But in getting to the door, she ran to be the first one through, even pushing someone aside. The outward show makes one statement, but her character is seen in how she treated others. Philosophy is more than manners. Philosophy is more than acquiring knowledge. Philosophy is the pursuit of doing what is right, even adding value to others, contributing.

This is what distinguishes the lover of wisdom, the philosopher: character. One is mindful, attentive, flexible, bold, discerning, compassionate, content, decisive, responsible. 

Friday, July 13, 2018


I was in my third mile the other day, had just come around the curve heading back to the house when in the break of trees, saw this marvelous site. This beautiful cloud bank had been creeping up from behind and did not see it until I made the turn. The pic just doesn't do it justice. But its' still breath-taking.

The reason things such like clouds fascinate me is rooted in the science (think of it: a million pounds of water floating over your head) and delight of exploration. I've learned to:

1. Always be looking
2. Consider everything alive
3. Look closer--everything is interesting
4. Alter my course often
5. Observe for long durations (and short ones)
6. Notice the stories going on as things change
7. Notice patterns, make connections
8. Document findings in a variety of ways (like pics)
9. Marvel at the unknown
10. Observe movement, change
11. "Talk to" the environment--especially the wildlife
12. Consider the origin of all things
13. Use all the senses while investigating
14. Be grateful

Do the same and watch the world unfold before your eyes. The world is a beautiful place. 

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