Saturday, April 17, 2004


Sorry it has been a while since my last blog. I have been incredibly busy with work, studying, reading and writing that I forgot there were other things to do . . .

I had a wonderful time at the Christian and Culture conference that started Friday evening and ended at noon today. The conference was on the life and writings of J.R.R. Tolkien.

When I came home my neighbor across the street came over and invited Jonathan to eat dinner. Later I went over to check on things and found myself elbow deep in engine grease helping my neighbor's brother reassemble a truck engine. It was not long when I found myself talking to a very hurt young man who experienced significant losses the past couple of years (loss of jobs, death of a child, a "preying" pastor who caused he and his wife to divorce, etc). I told him I wanted to spend some more time with him and he said he would be back and wanted to talk.

While we talked my neighbor barbequed enough food to feed most of the neighborhood and we had a great time in fellowship (talking with him before I discovered he is a believer). Leslie and the other kids came over and we all ate together and played with the kids. After the sun went down we discovered that someone kicked our front door in--I think it was a couple of neighborhood kids who did not like white people hanging with the parents of their friends. Anyway, my neighbor is coming over tomorrow to rebuild our doorframe and will be providing the materials. Nothing was stolen--I think it was just a prank.

I got out the telescopes as my neighbor and I got to talking about the wonders of God's creation. We looked at Saturn and Jupiter and a couple of open clusters.
He was almost crying a few times when I let him take the controls of the scope. Nobody had ever spent as much time with him and his family in so many years . . .

I wonder what God is going to do . . .

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

what if . . .

Today is Passover and I was thinking of Jesus' crucifixion when I got this huge onslaught of "what if's". The Bible is silent about a lot of things, but I just had to ask.

Matthew says "and when they crucified him" (27:35).
Mark says "and they crucified him" (15:24)
Luke says "there they crucified him" (23:33)
John says "when they crucified him" (19:23)

But how? How do we know the soldiers crucified him by laying him down on the wood and nailing him to it? How do we know they soldiers raised it up? They certainly did'nt bring the cross up there themselves, so why should they raise it and the man nailed to it?

What if Jesus had to set his own cross in place on the hill?

What if Jesus had to climb a small ladder, grasping the cross in places, holding onto its sides and balancing, perhaps embracing the cross so as not to fall off because of his blood that was now all over the place?

What if he had to get his balance on the small perch, turn around, holding the cross behind him and spread his arms out one at a time as if embracing the world, only to have his hands hammered into place?

What if the only support he had from the soldiers was the nails they put through his body?

What if he had to pull his feet up onto the brace so they could be nailed, holding his own body weight up by his nail-pierced hands?

What if the crowd cried, "Come Down" referring to the reverse manner in which they watched him go up?

Just thinking, that's all . . .

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