Wednesday, November 04, 2015

“Belagcholly Days” by Anon.

[note: this one is best read out loud holding your nose--it may help]

Chilly Dovebber with his boadigg blast
Dow cubs add strips the beddow add the lawd,
Eved October’s suddy days are past–
Add Subber’s gawd!

I kdow dot what it is to which I cligg
That stirs to sogg add sorrow, yet I trust
That still I sigg, but as the liddets sigg–
Because I bust.

Add dow, farewell to roses add to birds,
To larded fields and tigkligg streablets eke;
Farewell to all articulated words
I faid would speak.

Farewell, by cherished strolliggs od the sward,
Greed glades add forest shades, farewell to you;
With sorrowing heart I, wretched add forlord,
Bid you–achew!!!

– Unknown, collected in Frederic Lawrence Knowles, A Treasury of Humorous Poetry, 1902
(ht: Futility Closet)

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