Monday, September 05, 2005

4 reasons why Bush took so long

Watching both FOX and NBC after President Bush had been inspecting the Gulf Coast and New Orleans, I was shocked at how the nets and even some newspapers were trying to blame the Bush Administration for the slowness of help reaching these damaged cities. Obviously, Brian Williams and his news team do not know the laws nor do they know the past history of New Orleans, the city built in a bathtub of a swamp. This is a city where the dead, for centuries, have had to be buried in above-ground structures because the water is so close to the surface of this sinking city. If coffins are put in the ground, they will rise to the surface as the underground water pushes them up. I have been to these cemeteries personally to witness this.

For decades, New Orleans has been told that the city is sinking and that the old levees have to be rebuilt and modernized in order to keep the city from being flooded. Local officials have never done this nor have pleas to Congress for federal help been heeded. Congress has simply never seen fit to do this fully, whether controlled by Democrats or Republicans.

“Why did it take five days for Bush to help” has been the mantra voiced constantly by all the “Talking Heads” on TV. Here are the reasons.

Read the rest of the article here at "Why Hurricane Katrina Made Me Switch from NBC to FOXNews."

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