Monday, November 19, 2007

CIU Seminary & School of Missions in Atlanta

Are you:

A Pastor/Missionary wanting to become more effective without leaving your ministry?
A Ministry worker wanting to upgrade your training without leaving your church?
A Business executive wanting to transition into ministry without leaving your career?

If you're looking for Seminary level courses from an accredited institution, both focused and broad; courses taught from a multitude of perspectives by a knowledgeable and experienced faculty, then SSM Atlanta is the place for you!

Whether you're from Atlanta, or want to obtain a seminary education while you remain in your current ministry or occupation by using our Advancement in Ministry learning track, the CIU Seminary & School of Missions in Atlanta provides top-quality education in a convenient location. Go here for more information.

January 14-18, 2008 Courses
Genesis to Song of Solomon (BIB 5112)
Strategies for Evangelism and Church Planting (ICS 6084)

January 21-25, 2008 Courses
Prophets (BIB 5113)
Prayer and Discipleship (MIN 6430)

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