Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Love Leads to Thanksgiving

"Why do you love me?"

Admit it guys. This has got to be the most difficult question of all time. Ever. Not much else on the planet can make a guy stop whatever he is doing, make him stop breathing, cause a few second of cardiac arrhythmia and perhaps trigger an avalanche of anxiety than hearing his darling wife ask, “honey, why do you love me?” Ok, maybe being struck by lightning would do the trick. Statistics show that men will most often face repeated strikes by the one without ever encountering the other and be left deeply desiring the one over the other.
Despite the fact that I know deep in my heart that I love my wife dearly (words can never tell), I still brace myself for the moment I hear her sweet voice float the question.

Psalm 116 is the love song of a person deeply, passionately in love with God—and all the words to tell. Are you in love with God? Then read this out loud, “I love the Lord because . . .”
  • “Because God has heard my voice, my pleas for mercy” (v. 1);
  • “Because He is merciful when I was about to die” (v. 3-5);
  • “Because when I was low, He preserved and saved me” (v. 6);
  • “Because He has dealt bountifully with me, so I can rest” (v. 7);
  • “Because when I am about to die, weep or fall, He delivers and give me life” (v.8-9);
  • “Because He can be believed as truthful” (v. 10-11);
  • “Because I can give Him absolutely nothing except what He gives to me” (v. 12-13);
  • “Because He set me free” (v. 16);

I pray you’ve been blessed as you read those out loud. But that’s not all. It is not enough to say, “I love my wife” and do nothing. Oh, no. I gotta do stuff, starting with taking care of her as a person. Her first, then the “To Do List.” I can't love her because of what she does for me because that would be disasterous and my love would not be for her but for me. I love her because of her, so I show my love because of how she betters my half.
How do you demonstrate your love for God? Go back to Psalm 116 and make yourself a list:
  • I call to Him (vv 1-4);
  • I receive His mercy (v. 5);
  • I am saved by Him (v. 6);
  • I rest in His bounty (v.7);
  • I live and rejoice and am made to stand (v.8);
  • I walk before Lord in the sight of others (v.9);
  • I believe Him when He speaks (v.10);
  • I take His salvation so seriously, I hold it up and keep calling on Him (vv. 12-13);
  • I pay my vows to Him with witnesses (v. 14, 18);
  • I remain in His sight until death (v. 15);
  • I serve Him (v. 16);
  • I give thanks and keep calling on Him (v. 17)

My expression of love and gratitude does not come from me, but Him. We show our love for God out of who God makes us to be.
Now, why do you love the Lord?

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