Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Game Plan, part 2

How wonderful to start the day with Dr. Hamilton’s devotional thoughts from Hebrews reminding us that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. “There is nothing more certain than uncertainty,” he shared, reminding us that change will happen—like it or not.

If I were to compare my plans for my life and the current state of my life in terms of “wins” and “losses,” I recognize that my “losses” are really my “wins,” and vice versa. My plans, my “wins” included being a successful symphonic conductor and making enough money that I should not have to think about it. I also had no plans concerning friends or family and gave no thought to education (beyond that which was necessary). I lost all that. Instead, I am privileged to conduct souls to Christ and make so little money that I don’t have to worry about it. I have more friends than I ever dreamed and a HUGE family. I also have quite an education, both academically and experientially. All “wins.”
What Saul met Jesus on the Damascus road I imagine that at first, he was not thinking at all about himself. When he was blinded and left to sit and wait, it must have all come crashing down in his mind—all alone, in the quiet with his thoughts. Life as he knew it no longer existed. He got out of bed that morning with one thing on his mind: destroy Christ followers. By the end of the day, he was waiting for arrival of a Christ-follower of Damascus, who would come and begin ministering to his pain. He himself had been destroyed.

I thank God for my wife because she was the one who was there to listen to my dreams then watch those dreams become something else. She was there when God called and we started heading one direction, only to have our plans change. She has ministered to me after all my boasting and in my blindness. God used her in my healing process.
I am learning to be flexible, to be humble enough to be led. I like order and I like to have a plan, but I cannot order life. When interruptions happen, I panic because all my plans are thwarted and I lose direction. There can still be order and there can still be a plan, but it has to be given to me from He who never changes. When interruptions happen, I can then recognize it as His hand directing my steps, taking me the direction I should be going.

(Reflecting on Ch. 1, “What is your Game Plan: Finding God in the Midst of Frustrating Plans” in Tony Dungy’s book, “Quiet Strength Men’s Bible Study.”)

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