Monday, May 20, 2013

Book Review: "Living On the Edge: Dare To Experience True Spirituality" by Chip Ingram

Ingram, Chip. “Living On The Edge: Dare To Experience True Spirituality.” New York: Howard Books, 2009.

Spirituality is not as open-ended as many imagine and the reason is found around the one around whom spirituality is centered. Spirituality and discipleship are inseparable, flowing out of a relationship with the living truth. Relationship leaves no room for religion and true spirituality is the practice of those who follow with transformed minds.

Ingram’s 268 page book is divided into five “How To” sections with five accompanying chapters, by topic and subtopic, taking the reader by the hand through ground-level explanation of the Christian life through Romans 12. The sections follow through the teaching of Romans, verse by verse though unlike a commentary, the teaching is simple:
  • “How to Give God What He Wants the Most (Romans 12:1)”: Surrendering to God
  • “How to Get God’s Best For Your Life (Romans 12:2)”: Separate from the world
  • “How To Come to Grips with the Real You (Romans 12:3-8)”: Sober self-assessment
  • “How to Experience Authentic Community (Romans 12:9-13)”: Serve in love
  • ”How to Overcome the Evil Aimed At You (Romans 12:14-21)”: Supernatural response to evil
Each chapter will present a challenge that meets readers on their various personal levels, concluding with an application through series of “T.R.U.S.T. M.E.” questions. 

This acronym breaks the application down into seven workable sections.

Even the most seasoned follower of Christ will be cultivated to further growth in these exercises.

This book is accompanied by a 6-part DVD series with study guide and is strongly recommended for new Christians. One may also consider using the series to start a new small group. Our group observed a singular phenomenon: when in discussion, one was amazed to hear someone mention a passage of Ingram’s teaching of personal significance only to discover that others already shared the same response on the very same passage!

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