Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable"

 "Being uncomfortable is important in life. There is a certain amount of strength in being uncomfortable that we don't find any other way. US Military Special Ops guys live in this space and as a result are able to do amazing things that normal people look at in awe. Yet, it's all a mental state of mind. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is something we should all practice doing. It is outside of our comfort zone that we find real growth and true strength. If we sit in our own little bubbles all the time we accomplish nothing as it pertains to our true potential. If you are scared at being cold at a race, go stand in a cold shower every day until it doesn't bother you anymore. Don't like being dirty? Go camping for a weekend in the woods without all your regular comforts of home. Scare you and your significant other have nothing in common? Turn off the TV and have a real conversation for once. If you aren't leaned over the edge on a daily basis a little scared you aren't living. Get uncomfortable so you can live comfortably."

Joe De Sena
Founder and CEO, Spartan Race

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