Monday, November 17, 2014

Comforting Words (part 1)

I heard a quote recently that I would like to modify: “studying God’s Word is for the serious, not the curious.” Sure, we could approach this block of paper with curiosity, read it as a great literary work of the world, but the serious student find God’s Word as living, active. Like a two-edged sword.

The living Word of God makes the difference for one’s survival as it contains direction for life orientation, connecting to God. Sometimes we get in trouble, disoriented, but like a compass we can find the way once more through God’s unchanging Word.

When it comes down to reading, understanding and “doing” God’s Word, we find there is a difference between our wishful thinking and God’s plan. The Bible is a record of what God does in life, about His love and concern for us, even about what to expect when we face troubling times. 

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