Monday, July 20, 2015

The Game's Afoot!

Many who follow us on social media notice from time to time a photograph of this fellow in some very strange places. I suppose now is a good time (as any) to explain:

After moving into our new our new home, this gnome was adopted into the family. Someone came up with the idea to "hide the gnome" so he tends to disappear from time to time. When he is discovered, that person posts a photograph on social media, tagging all players of the game. On rare occasions, visiting friends may discover him.

There is a trick, however. When he is discovered and photographed and posted online, the finder must immediately hide him again. This is a challenge when there are so many family members in the house at any given time--and the more people there are, the more cautious one must be. If he is not found after one week, he is placed in an agreed-upon "home base," which signals everyone that he has successfully remained undiscovered for that period of time.

It's fun for our family and friends! So if you come to the house, you are invited to play--just don't tell anyone. If you find him, snap a pic, post online and tag our family. This is our signal that the game is afoot!

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