Friday, March 02, 2007

They found the casket of Jesus: 45 Pithy Comebacks

(by Todd Friel)

  1. Explain to me why a poor family from Bethlehem would be buried in a middle class grave in Jerusalem.
  2. Mary, Jesus and Joseph were the most popular names in Israel at this time. That is why the Jewish archaeologists who first discovered these caskets in 1980 NEVER claimed these belonged to the family of Jesus. The odds are too preposterous.
  3. Israeli archaeologist Joel Rosenberg believes this new film is nonsense.
  4. So does Jewish archaeologist Amos Kloner.
  5. There is no credible evidence that Jesus was ever married. The only possible reference to Jesus being married is in a 14th century manuscript (Acts of Phillip) that nobody deems credible.
  6. There is no evidence that Jesus had children.
  7. They claim they have proof that Jesus had a baby. We can’t even determine the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby. (Jay Leno)

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