Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Most Dangerous Word

I once met a man on the street who in the course of our conversation made a point to say that words have no meaning and are without power. I told him I did not understand. He explained, completely missing his point.

Martin Luther knew the power of words. His famous “Mighty Fortress” contains one little word that we to this day still strive to grasp exactly that which fells the prince of darkness grim. Regardless, whatever the word is, it abides above all earthly pow’rs (no thanks to them). Yes, one word sends us reeling.
Consider “on” and “off” or “hot” and “cold.” Indeed, words are powerful, meaningful.

Have you ever pondered the most dangerous word? Martin Luther’s word is the word of victory, the word that leads to life. Our word is the opposite. It is the most perilous.
Some words can kill a conversation, or suck the breath right out of someone’s chest. Present discussions center on “Bullying” and “President.” What about “Death” or “Poverty” or “Revenge?”


Why is “Immorality” or “Fornication” or “Adultery” put in separate a category from “Homosexuality?”

How is “Hate” not “Murder?”

What about “Tomorrow?” You know, that thing which creeps in its petty pace from day to day . . .

This is the most dangerous word and we understand how powerful it is. Let me illustrate:

If someone is choking, we don’t act, “Tomorrow.” Instead we move, “NOW!”

When the gas light comes on, we don’t keep driving and say, “Tomorrow.” Hardly! Most start looking to fill up “Yesterday.”

Yes, “Tomorrow” is most dangerous. When God speaks and says “Today if you hear His voice do not harden your hearts . . .” why wait?

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