Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Take It All Away!

Over the weekend I came across yet another controversy regarding Christmas decorations which was rather unusual. The controversy concerned a woman who used Christmas lights to decorate her home, only the lights were arranged in the outline of a certain crude hand gesture. While I disagree with that particular arrangement, I find myself taking her point. Consider for a moment those who are offended at traditional decorations (to use an over-generalization to include biblical forms or otherwise)--what’s the big deal? I believe this woman turned the whole thing over on its’ head by being blatantly offensive.

Biblical imagery is slowly disappearing from public view and the outcry is heard the loudest during the Christmas season. The truth is that removal of biblical imagery is impossible. The world as we know it would not exist--but what would happen if it were possible? 

Let’s wake in the twilight zone where biblical imagery does not exist:

There is no such thing as Michelangelo's David. The Sistine Chapel does not exist. Bach, Handel, even Mozart would have written--what? Even the piece affectionately known as “that Halloween Organ music” does not exist. Halloween does not happen exist because there are no saints, nothing hallowed. No devil.

Don't look for William Faulker's “Absolom! Absolom!” in the library. Moby Dick would roam the seas unmolested by an Ahab or an Ishmael.The Hunchback has no sanctuary. Neither does The Daredevil. Every book that contains even a mere quote must be re-written: "The Old Man and the Sea" has a boat with no mast, "Les Miserables" would be just that. No "Apocalypse Now."

The vocabulary of curse words is fracking small.
A savior is unheard of, so the Matrix shuts down. Kal-El died on Krypton. The Engineers have no argument against the crew of the Prometheus. The Galactica has no journey.

Football games never culminate in David and Goliath-like battles.

No "good samaritans" help those in need. Charity has a new name.

No one hears Johnny Cash cry and Rush has a new introduction to 2112. James Taylor sings no New Hymn, but John Lennon would have to imagine a "heaven." Marilyn Manson and Iron Maiden are nice bands.

Islam has no root without biblical imagery. Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses and countless cults would not exist. Satanism would be of no regard. Atheists would have to find a new name and something else to do.

Take a moment to view this video by HumanLight and ask what they, too, would need to change (for example, could they properly refer to the "proverbial candle in the dark?":

What would the world be like with all biblical imagery removed? Arthur C. Clarke came very close, by Ford.

Since we can't do away with it, what should we be doing to "clean it up" and make certain the imagery is correctly understood?

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