Friday, April 10, 2015

"Where Did John Baptize?"

Some opponents of the Bible point to Jesus' baptism by John as inconsistent, recording the event happening in two different locations. Matthew 3:6 and Mark 1:9 records the location as the Jordan river. John 1:28 says that John was baptizing in Bethabara, beyond the Jordan. Which is it?

"Bethabara" is the place where one crossed a stream that fed into the river Jordan in order to enter Judea. The place is also known as "Bethany" in the gospels. Matthew and Mark were simply not inspired to be as precise and John.

We use generalizations without difficulty. If I ask where you were born, would you report the state, city, street address, floor and room number, naming the hospital you were born; or, simply name the city of your birth? Or at least the state. Are we inconsistent if we withhold information?

Consulting a map, one finds no contradiction.

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