Monday, June 08, 2015

True Spirituality (part 1)

Comedian Brian Regan supposes: what if we played football the way we play chess? 

Here’s a question for you: How do you know when you are spiritual? Is there a definite way to know, or does one just “checkmate” their way in the spiritual realm? Some people say that spirituality is a personal matter, a matter that cannot be discussed. This is like playing football with chess rules. Others may say, “well, whatever god you believe in does not matter. We come from the same one." This is like saying "whatever meat you believe in. It all comes from the same chicken."

“Success” sounds appealing when it comes to the outcome of our spiritual lives--but what does true spirituality look like? How do we recognize it? The best way to find out is by returning to our Creator and asking some hard questions of ourselves:
  • What is my motive for wanting a spiritual life at all? 
  • Why do I want to please God--if I do at all? 
  • What does God say about my personal spiritual life? 
  • How does my spirituality fit into Jesus’ plan for the church? 
  • What impact does the spiritual life have in the world? 
We will be exploring the subject of “True Spirituality” the next few weeks in a multi-part series. Take note of your responses to the questions (above) in preparation for our study.

See you next post!

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