Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Glory and the Rainbow

This helps me better understand what is meant by, "the whole earth is full of His Glory" (Isaiah 6:3) and the rainbow imagery of Revelation (4:3; 10:1) (scroll down for photo gallery).

"The nearer I approach the end of my pilgrimage, the clearer is the evidence of the divine origin of the Bible. The grandeur and sublimity of God's remedy for fallen man are more appreciated and the future is illuminated with hope and glory." (Samuel Morse, 1791 - 1872, inventor)

Recommended Reading (click on image):

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  1. named my son after Owen after I read this, and mortification.. than I had to get my hands on everything. Communion with God is the best thing I have ever read on communion with God the Father, Son and Spirit.


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