Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Diving Boards for Summertime Conversation

While you are packing your swim trunks and stocking up on sun screen, see if you can name these famous bodies of water. Oh, and you can use these as diving boards (spring boards, get it? It’s a joke) for witnessing situations while waiting in line for smoothies, or the high-dive, or while floating in the lazy river:

1) Jesus told a blind man to wash in this pool and receive sight.
2) Naaman “dipped” in this river and was healed of leprosy.
3) Daniel saw a vision of a ram in this river.
4) Ezekiel saw visions of God here.
5) Elijah slew the prophets of Baal near this brook.
6) Moses led the Israelite through dry land to this sea.
7) Another name for the Sea of Galilee.
8) A river that flows out of Eden.
9) The water here was bitter.
10) Seraiah was commanded to read a book and cast it into this river.
11) Jesus taught from a ship in this body of water.

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