Monday, July 03, 2017

Burgers Burned So Far

I've been using (though not consistently) the Endomondo Sports tracker since 2014. Here's an interesting report I found for all the training completed to date.

To be clear, I've missed a number of entries so it's not a complete report but still, the results are amazing. Like the fact that I've burned 611 burgers as demonstrated in the graphic below.

One feature of this app that I like is how it not only maps my runs when I'm out, but also shows my pace, altitude and other useful information. Rarely it glitches (like the time it showed a 45 mph sprint--like I'm the 6 Million Dollar Man or something) but it's a great app. It tracks more than runs of course, but does not display the same kind of information as shown from a run. 

Enjoy the nice early mornings! Get out and have fun!
And if you're doing the Burpee Challenge (see side bar), make sure you get those in!

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