Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Getting Back

I think I am finally getting back into the swing of things. Getting caught up nicely. Rest is still much needed as allergies are keeping me just above the dragging stage, but at least I'm not flat on my back.

Classes are going again. Southern Baptist Heritage was really good last night as we discussed Biblical Authority. Confessions and Creeds are next week. Yay! Al Mohler's blog on the subject of Biblical Authority today was a day late for class, but timely nevertheless (I feel like he's reading over my shoulder sometimes--his publications when I taught Ethics were right in step in a weird kind of way).

Sunday School class had a great turnout last week. I need to get back into an exegetical study, but we are covering some good topics and I will let those peter out first. We are looking at Anger right now (thanks, Wayne Mack!).

Work is down to a dull roar now that I have all my websites done (through 2009!) and correspondences are caught up. Registrations are coming in for Summer Studies, so things are picking up in that department.

Family is still adjusting to the move plus "the incident" with our oldest daughter. She has decided to stay away from home in an attempt to "prove herself." I still get down about it a bit, but at least we know where she is and she is safe. I just pray that God would open her eyes to many things.

Now that most things are unpacked around the house I have one flower bed planted and the sprouts are already poking through. I have five rows planted in the vegetable garden and have so much more yet to do there. I plan to have another flower bed planted by the weekend (I don't give my wife flowers. She gets GARDENS!). Hopefully I will have another bed ready for vegetables too . . . might sneak some into the flowers . . . radishes make great cultivators!

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