Friday, March 17, 2006

thinking about: what's in it?

Someone once said that a preacher should to be ready to preach at the drop of a hat and be on the second point before it hits the ground. Well, I don't have a hat, so please be satisified with this thought from Spurgeon:

"WHEN we were in Venice we purchased a few curiosities, and finding them burdensome, we thought of sending them home by one of the English vessels lying in the Canal. We went out in a gondola with our box, and having asked for the captain of one of the vessels, we put to him the question, "Will you take a box for us to London, and what is the charge?" His reply was very ready, "I can't say till I know what's in it, for I don't want to get into trouble." A very common sense answer indeed; we admired its caution and honesty.

What a pity that men do not exercise as much care in spiritual matters, as to what they will receive or reject."

Read the rest here.

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