Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Healthcare, Heaven or Hell?

I took my Mother to the grocery store the other night and on the way in, I stopped off by a pickup truck where three very rough-looking men were talking while holding on to the leashes of three very well-fed bulldogs. Each man was wearing an off-center baseball cap, an oversized tee-shirt with graffitti art, and plenty of bling. Two were holding cell phones to their ear, but apparently not talking with anyone. As I approached, they each seemed incredulous that I would even approach them; nevertheless, I offered each one of my Obama Million Dollar Bills. "Didja get one of these bills, with the President on it? It's not everyday you get something like this." Two men took a bill each and the other larger man (standing closer to me) told me to watch out, or get bit by a dog. I still offered him a Million Dollar bill and he took it.

One of the other men was looking the bill over and began asking questions--"what's this all about?" Before I could answer, the man closer to me said a very firm, "thank you" and pulled his dog a little closer to toward us. The curious man wanted to know what the bill was about. The man closer to me said a little more forcefully, "THANK YOU" with wider eyes. I understood. I said, "You are welcome" and stepped back (showing I "got" the message) and told them to read the important message on the back.

I caught up to Mom and was escorting her through the store. We had not reached the end of the first aisle when the curious man from outside came around the corner--he was looking for me and wanted some answers to his questions. First, he apologized for his "uncle's" behaviour. Now, he wanted to know why I was giving out Million Dollar Bills with President Obama on it. What was I trying to say? I told him it was a gospel tract, had he read the back? He only read half of it, but did not think he was "good enough" to keep reading. He was not satisfied. Was I poking fun at the President? I assured him I was not, but was using the bill as a talking point for us (it worked, didn't it?)--"like I said, it's not every day you will see our current President on a bill, especially on this big." He looked at it again and laughed a small laugh. He thought it was sort of funny. He stuck out his hand to shake, and again apologized for his "uncle."

Since we were talking, I had a question for him: did he think that all this fuss over government Health Care was going to change the matters in the gospel tract? In other words, whether we have government imposed health care or a plan we could choose ourselves, would it change the fact that we are all going to die and stand before God on judgment day? He stopped, thinking about what I just asked, then his jaw dropped open. He scratched his head and said, "You know, health care don't change a thing when it come to that! Aw, Man!" He stomped, threw his arms down and looked around, astounded at the realization. I pointed out that it does matter what one thinks of the President, Health Care, or where the Olympics are held--we are going to die and stand before God on judgment day.

At this point, one of the other men from outside came up carrying a case of beer. My new friend had some more thinking to do. I reminded him that by his own admission he did not think of himself as a "good person" and to also think of how God sees his heart. When he dies, will he go to heaven or hell? The beer carrying man wanted to go, but froze in his tracts--was I "that guy" from outside? I said I was, he switched the beer case into the other hand and stuck his hand out to shake, thanking me for giving him a bill, too.

Just as quickly, the conversation was over. They had to go. I told them to think about what I was saying and to read the entire gospel tract.
I pray they repent.

About the time they left, a lady was coming toward me down the aisle, looking for something (I don't know why, but every time I go in the grocery store, people think I work there). I noticed she was wearing an Obama '08 tee shirt. I reached in my pocket, pulled out an Obama Million Dollar Bill and said, "Betcha don't have one of these!" She nearly screamed with excitement. This drew some attention from a mother with two kids who wanted one--each. Then two more women and two more children got Obama Bills.

More importantly, they got the gospel. And it all started with three guys in the parking lot and gospel tracts burning a hole in my pocket.

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