Sunday, September 12, 2010

"U," the Klingon Opera Makes Debut

Yes, I'm a geek.

From "Die-hard 'Star Trek' fans may want to dust off their Klingon dictionaries and take a transporter to Europe for the debut of the first opera ever to be completely sung in the invented science fiction language."

"U" [pronounced "oo"] Synopsis: Kahless has been betrayed by his brother, who brutally slays their father. The sorrowful Kahless struggles against his enemy, a tyrant called Molor, and visits the underworld. There he is united with his true love, the Lady Lukara, and must, with her help, defeat 500 warriors to regain his honor, using the first Bat’leth (or “Sword of Honor"), which he creates from his own hair.

Here is the Klingon Victory Song, "yIjah, Qey' 'oH" from an episode of Deep Space 9:

Ok, one more just for fun (we haven't had enough already yet today):

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