Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

Earth Day is a great idea, but there is much more to Earth Day than simply protecting the environment. We must protect the earth, but why? Yes the earth is our home, but how do we protect it? Is fighting litter and “going green” enough?

I recall being very young and growing so concerned over the environment that I literally went door to door (with parental permission) and asked people to sign a pledge they would not litter. The result? I was hired (and paid) by the neighborhood to keep the entrance to our neighborhood clean and the association took care of the neighborhood itself. But uncleanliness kept happening--and it still happens. Why?

The population of earth remains unclean. Is it any wonder that God’s unchanging Word speaks of the groaning of creation as creation waits for the redemption of mankind (Romans 8:19-23). Imagine the sigh of relief when the earth is made new! Earth Day is tied up in man’s repentance and obedience to God!

Man was created and placed on the earth to care for the earth, but only in the context of the unbroken relationship with The Creator. If man is not reconciled with his Creator, how can he take of God’s creation the way He intended? Man is God’s representative on earth!

Go a step further: we are not only to take care of the earth, but also one another. How can we celebrate Earth Day by aborting it’s population? The argument often contains the word “overcrowding.” Is the earth that overcrowded? How does the argument account for the massive swatches of earth that contain zero population? How does the argument support the rights of humanity by denying the rights of humanity?

The Universe operates the way our Creator made it. This includes every area science tries to manipulate. What’s the adage: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? What is accomplished by weather experiments that create or dissipate clouds with chemicals. What goes up must come down, so how does the scientific application of toxic substances by plane “up there” affect that one which the substances fall? How does feeding a storm help those who lose their homes to it? 

What is being accomplished in the name of science is not fulfilling the duty of man. Repent, be reconciled to your Creator, obey His Word and give the earth a break!

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