Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's Fitting, the Cross Is

Since May, I started something I had no intention of starting and now I can’t stop. Making matters worse I’d never heard of that which I’ve gotten myself into and now I am saturated in it. Just after my birthday in May I started Crossfit and it has rocked my world physically, emotionally and spiritually. Running the risk of sounding like a commercial—there ain’t nothing like Crossfit. Mind you: this from a non-sports person.

Short testimonial: I started a weight loss and exercise program back in 2011 with fairly good results, but got stuck on a plateau (I lost about 30 pounds from 2011 to 2013). Since late May, I’ve not only lost 12 pounds (to date) but have grown stronger. Oh my goodness. I’m swimming in the kool-aid.

The Crossfit WODs (Workout Of the Day) are intensely varied and address the mind as much as the body. One feature is finishing, no matter what. Sounds good until one sees the WOD—just about anyone may think “I can do that.” Well, hold that thought because about half way through one needs to be reminded that “it can be done.” Sometimes finishing is more difficult that the WOD itself; for instance, the other day we faced 3 rounds of 400 meter run (one time around a track), 40 lunges, 30 sit-ups, 20 pushups and 10 burpees. We were dead at the second round. Of course 90 degree heat + heat index was no help, but still . . .

The spiritual principles that come to mind are enormous. Consider (again, from a person who never really enjoyed sports. Still don’t—just Crossfit) what it takes to prove oneself as a competitor: one must know the game, know and play by the rules, finish well AND in good form to the satisfaction of the judges. So here we are playing the game of “life” (as it were)—we are all in this thing together. What is striking is that we all start from the same place: weak, feeble—and we learn from early on that we don’t know the game, nor do we know the rules so we learn by violation—from our mistakes. But we can't repair the damage done by them.

Only one person has ever played correctly. He made both the playing field and the rules. He came and played in perfect form. He is the winning team. We can’t get to the podium because our record book shows more penalties, more “no reps” than successful ones, than goals made. His charts are clean, no penalties. All reps complete. Here’s the best part: he is building a team who will not merely wear His name, but will represent Him in every game. He made it all possible by one act: giving Himself, taking all my “no reps” on Himself. If one will accept this, the records are swapped and His perfections become ours and He joins us on the floor, cheering us on until we cross the finish line. If one will not accept this, then achievement noted, time noted, and leave the game unaccomplished. 

CrossFit--the Cross of Christ. It's fitting.

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