Monday, December 12, 2016

Favorite Recipe

Sitting here thinking about my favorite recipe and the first thing that pops into my mind are these chocolate cookies my wife makes. They are like little brownie bites covered in powered sugar. Not sure what they're called, but they are Crack. You can't eat just four. And milk is required.

So what is my favorite recipe? Hmmm. Seems we have our favorite dishes that find their way to the table, such as "Italian Steak" or Poached Eggs (yes, that's a recipe!). But my favorite? Is that like "comfort food?" Like chocolate? Or Ice Cream?

I think my favorite is the kind I "own." When you no longer have to look at the card or in the book. You just get ingredients, add a heaping helping of "creativity" and see what happens. Like my Cabbage recipe. May not sound like much but I sure hear a lot of "yum" around the table. Left-overs are rare.

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