Wednesday, December 07, 2016

"What has it got in it's pocketses?"

Asked Gollum to Bilbo, playing the guessing game that ultimately changed the fate of the world. "What has it got in it's pocketses?"

What one carries in his or her pockets may tell much about a person--or not. I learned this while working security--and believe me when I say that people carry the strangest things. Like fist-fulls of change. A gazillion coins. Or wads of cash. For Pete's sake, use a bank!

But I don't have change in my pockets. But I do keep a quarter in the overhead bin of my car for the grocery store cart.

LEFT POCKET (front):
  • Keys
  • Cleaning cloth for my glasses or phone. 
  • Life-saver mint or three.
  • Knife. I always carry a knife. 
  • Chap Stick. 
  • Handkerchief or Bandanna
  • Wallet
I ain't skeered to say where my wallet is or what's in there--'cause there ain't nothing in there but my:
  • Driver's licence
  • Insurance card
  • Library card (which I never use because I usually order my library books online and pick them up). 
  • Red Robin card
  • REI card (used it once, I think). 
  • A Doctor's card
  • An Ingles Card (in case I ever buy groceries in a city that has an Ingles)
  • An encouraging card from my wife
  • Some receipts so old they've faded
  • There might be a stamp in there somewhere. Might have to actually mail something one day--you never know
  • Oh, and a picture of my Pride and Joy

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