Sunday, February 19, 2006

Numbers 16-24: the Poem

Well on their way in their wandering,
Korah and sons all rebel;
God judges the men of those houses
to be an example for Israel.

The next day those people's own grumble
'gainst Moses and Aaron was heard;
God judged all that loud congregation
who lifted a contrary word.

The priesthood received confirmation
"Every devoted thing yours;"
Then purified through the Red Heifer,
The unclean and clean are made sure.

Miriam dies in the desert,
the people assemble, complain;
Moses in anger strikes rock-ward,
Instead of just speaking again.

Edom refuses their passage,
And Aaron, he dies in his place;
Then tension with Canaan's king Arad
caused Israel to search for God's face.

The people again gripe and grumble,
God judges that lot with those snakes;
But looking to Moses' Bronze Serpent
Brings life in those poisonous stakes.

The journey continues with battles,
the Lord giving great victory;
And Balaam says backwardly curses
Despite all he says or can see.

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