Monday, February 06, 2006

Well, I did it (a rant)

Yep, it happened tonight folks. I watched the Superbowl.

I don't watch sports but my kids had a big "to do" at church tonight, so I hung out and watched the big game with them.

I tried to watch the Superbowl once, but it turned out to be quite a fiasco. My family gathered around as we prepared to join the game already in progress (we had just gotten home from church). I think they were more curious to watch me watch the game. So we came in, found a place, I grabbed the remote, turned it on and right there before my eyes was instant wardrobe malfunction. ***click*** and off it went.

That was the last time I tried to watch.

This time I was at church and there found that good Baptists, the people of the book, are easily transformed into the people of the play-book. I watched millions of dollars vaporize in 15 to 30 second mini-blockbusters and a few re-runs of old commercial classics. I thought I would be safe from any debauchery I had experienced last time--and was for the most part, until a few selected commercials accosted my senses right there in front of middle and high school students who felt the scenes were good for a laugh as opposed to conviction. A time or two I noticed our Youth Pastor turn his back so he could avoid temptation . . .

But what can happen at church, for crying out loud? Geriatric former drug addicts playing bad rock music swiveled there way through hip-breaking gyrations--I think I saw a walker or two being waved in the crowd and a few false teeth being tossed on stage. My daughter turns and says to me, "aren't those guys dead? Is this CGI?"

I can't believe people spend so much time, money and energy performing the science (that's what it is--just look at the depth of analysis that goes into every play!) of delivering a 13 psi bag of old leather from one end of the field to another at the expense of pulled hamstrings, maybe some broken bones, a lot of pulled hair (I thought flowing locks would be against the rules on the grid-iron) at the expense of what? The levels of analysis are staggering, but nobody has tried to figure the impact any of this has on eternity.

Years ago I worked for a major nationally known retail store that annually enjoyed the sales of two Christmases per year: one was December 25 and the other was the week before the Superbowl, where more TVs were sold than at any other time of year. I went into another store on Saturday and my wife showed me this really nice $9700.00 TV . . . I didn't see any gold on it anywhere, so I figured someone was getting gypped.

It's all illogical to me.

I see no logic in all that money wasted.
I see no logic in the gluttony "the game" brings.
I see no logic in teaching my kids what God thinks of immorality while they laugh at it in a place of worship through some $100,000 commercial. That's good Missions money! Think of all the people that died without Jesus in those 30 seconds because that money was sitting in someone else's bank account. . .

Congratulations Steelers on your victory. Woo-hoo.

Maybe I just don't understand . . .

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