Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Path of Least Resistance and Greatest Persistence

A common phenomenon in nature is “the path of least resistance.”

Electricity moving through a circuit will always travel where it is easiest to go.
Cars are developed aerodynamically so there will be a minimal wind resistance.
Water always travels under a bridge because it is far easier to go under the bridge than over it.

Frequently this is what people are like also.

It is easier to sit in front of the TV rather than to care for our neighbor’s needs.
It is easier to get angry at your mate and let that anger diminish over the course of time rather than sitting down and working the problem through.
Thumbing through a Reader’s Digest is much easier than a time of personal Bible study.

And so we find that we too, just like water under the bridge are prone to take the “path of least resistance.”

But there is one difference between ourselves and water. Water will never have to give an account of what it has done.

Ought not we examine ourselves and get on the “path of greatest persistance?’

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