Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kingdom Man: Proving It

Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile (First Baptist, Grand Cayman Islands) is thinking along with me, er, us. The men of Calvary Chapel Blythewood are studying Tony Evans’ “Kingdom Man” series, and Pastor Anaybwile is thinking right along with us. I don’t believe in accidents, and his posts “Basic Thoughts on Manhood” and comments on Manhood and Worship are timely for our group. Too bad he's stuck down there thinking about these things in the Caymans and not up here with us. He is "so" missing out.

Man was created in God’s image to be his vice-regent on earth. Man is to represent God on the earth by taking care of everything God has laid before him. This is seen in the act of man naming the animals, giving man the opportunity to be creative with language. Man had to study creation in order to determine what to call that which stood before him, but the end result was not what the animal came to be called specifically, but how man got to know his Creator better by his study of creation. The “Carnival of Animals” was a constant reminder that man is held responsible to watch over and work in creation.

Recently I heard a comment by Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe where he theorized that our society today is in a civil war against work. Enrollment in technical schools is low and workers are needed. I believe his point is accurate as we exchange technology for labor. We are moving away from God’s intended role for us, declaring autonomy and subsequently redefining ourselves in our own image.

The garden for which I am to care is much grander than that which I till and weed in my back yard; yet, that patch of ground teaches me much about who I am and who God is. Constantly. My back-yard garden reminds me to pay attention to details by cultivation and insect control in my own family. I must water and fight against that which would destroy my garden, both inside and outside. This takes work of a much different kind than simply clocking in and out five days a week.

I discover places I need help and this is my wife’s role. She helps me. I help her. Together, we work at household and family growth, but we can only do that when God is glorified as Master. This means He is much more than Creator.

There is a God. Most people have no problem with this. Instead, the problem is that God is the Lord, the Sovereign Master who has an expectation for His creation. Most people don’t like that He is the Lord. This is Satan’s problem. He believes there is a God, which is why Satan also is consumed with thwarting God’s authority. This was a key feature of the temptation: attempting to remove the rule of God from the Godhood of God. Man fell for the trick and now work for us takes on a whole separate dimension.

Consider the question: “if a man must prove his manhood, then what are the criteria?”  Tony Robbins reminds us that it isn’t walking on hot coals. Every year, a busload out mountain climbers die reminding us that Everest has nothing to do with it. Manhood is proven when a man glorifies God with every aspect of his being and action. 

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