Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lost Books Found

2 Kings 22 is the record of one specific incident in the life of King Josiah. During his reign a lost book was found. Instantly my mind was flooded with a catalog of book titles and declarations of new-found knowledge by this or that group or individual. We are so easily distracted by the shiny object of Mystery that each time something lost is publicly declared as “found,” we raise our heads to look and see. Look at what we’ve found (to name a few):
  • The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden 
  • Homer’s “Margites” 
  • Shakespear’s “Cardinio” 
  • Inventio Fortunata, or “The Discovery of the Fortunate Islands.” 
  •  Jane Austen’s “Sanditon” 
  • Herman Melville’s “The Isle of the Cross”
  • Thomas Hardy’s “The Poor Man and the Lady” 
The most peculiar feature of lost-books-found is the response of those who receive them. Presently, more lost-books-found are being printed with so many lost-secrets-known that the world should be revolutionized by their presence. These literary zombies are eating the brains of people who are no longer thinking. 

Case in point: when Josiah was presented with the lost book of the Law, it was identifiable as being not merely connected with national history, but also brought a response practically unheard of in comparison with today’s responses. Who has fallen on their face before God in repentance and being spared the destruction of sin after reading any other lost book? This is not the response of Joseph Smith or Oprah Winfrey. No, these book instead receive they applaud of those who find their contents compatible with their lifestyle. 
Who has noticed these “lost books” all promise the same thing: Eternality without God? 

  1. “You will not die.” Reincarnation or at least an “eternal summer;” 
  2. “Your eyes will be opened.” Gain the secret knowledge of the lost book and rise above average. Knowing the right techniques produces the right experience. 
  3. “You shall be like God.” Control your circumstances thus controlling your destiny—but if something bad happens to you it’s your fault. 
  4. “You will know good and evil.” You are the measure of all things, so if it works for you then it’s “good.” 
Why does all this sound so familiar

Amazingly, people every day open God’s Unchanging Word and meet His perfection face to face as they read the same words Josiah read in the Law. It is not uncommon that many people have read the Word over and over to the point it has become “lost” to them. Yet, there comes a point when these same persons are brought to their knees confessing their brokenness before God because His Word is alive. Missing? Only inasmuch as people close their eyes and hearts against the Bible.

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