Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Constitution Day (Mexico)

Today Mexico observes "Dia de la Constitucion", marking the end of a long journey that began in 1810 when liberty was won from Spain. The current document called the “Constitution of Mexico” was not drafted or penned in one sitting, but is the result of many revisions that began over 200 years ago. 1824, Mexican sovereignty was established, patterned after the government of the United States. When the French seemed to threaten Mexican Independence in, another draft of the constitution was approved. 1916 was the year the 1857 draft was revised and a Magna Carta was produced this day in 1917.

That’s the hyper-short version. Longer versions include figures like Pancho Villa--and guns.

Many differing voices speak about “constitution,” and two ideas are not that far from each other. Constitution is a document that reflects what makes or defines an entity (in my own words). It’s what “makes us up.” What we are as people or a nation cannot simply “be” but must come at a price. A brief glance at Mexican history shows the road can be long just to produce a single document; but never miss the fact that a price must be paid to be set apart. Such a stance takes energy and conviction, a goal that must be reached at all costs.

Have you considered the kinds of law under which mankind lives? There are basically two different kinds, and only one points to freedom for all peoples.

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