Monday, February 11, 2013

Lunar New Year; or, "Chinese New Year"

Betcha didn’t know you were right in the middle of a party, didja? Yep. It started Saturday and will be going for a few more days (at least 15 days).

The party goes by several names, depending on who is observing it; but for simplicity, we will call it “Lunar New Year,” and focus on the “Chinese New Year.” Be encouraged to do some reading on this because the event is ancient and celebrated by many cultures. Regardless, the celebration is also family oriented, including reunion dinners among so many other meals marking opportunities of starting fresh.

No matter “who” celebrates “where,” the Lunar New Year celebrations are intensely spiritual starting from the days of preparation when familiar spirits are honored and the evils ones are chased away.

有一些屬靈的定律管理著 和神的關係

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