Monday, February 18, 2013

Jour De La Familia (Canada)

The third Monday of February is "Family Day" in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, a day set aside to celebrate family and family life. We Americans celebrate birthdays, Mother's Day, Fathers's Day and even Grandparent's Day, but why not the context of the relationship? I love this idea!

What a marvelous idea for communities to focus on the family, especially in the context of the many threats imposed against children by other human beings. Each person has a responsibility to make a family unit: parents (fathers and mothers with their responsibilities) and children (who must learn theirs).

What happens as a family is vital. A wise eye once observed that 1% of a modern child's influence comes through the local church; 7% of his influence from public school; 92% from the family.

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