Friday, December 12, 2014

The Evolution (or Creation?) of the Slow Loris

According to this article, the Slow Loris "kills by either biting with its mouth full of poison, or slicking its fur up with the toxin and waiting to be attacked. To be fair to the critter, its venom was probably developed for self-defense. Although it occasionally uses the venom to kill its prey, it is happiest just being left alone."

I have some questions. 

  1. If the tenant of evolution is "survival of the fittest," then how long did it take for the Loris overcome its weaknesses and survive in order to figure out how to "probably" develop to be a venomous (or is it a poisonous) primate? 
  2. What took place in evolution for the Loris not to be allergic to it's own spit? 
  3. Why can't scientists precisely identify the biological function of the secretion? 
Science (Latin for "know) will confirm what is known, without speculating to probabilities, which are unknown. 

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