Monday, June 05, 2017

Day 5: Six Words

Permit me to explain: as part of my blog series this month, today’s challenge is to write the story of my life in six words. As one’s life story assumes the end of one’s life just as it assumes it’s beginning, my story is not yet over so what can I say? I can only say what is most important, obviously.

  • I have to think of everything I wanted to be and what I’m doing now.
  • I have to think of who I wanted to be and who I am now. 
  • I have to think of all the expectations I had in younger years and take into account what’s changed (location, career, family, etc.).
  • I have to think of what may or may not happen in the future.
Six words.
So much to think about and so little time.
Like life--so little time.
Life is so short.
So what can I say?

The best narrative I can find that tells the story of my life comes down to these six words:

“I’ll Be Found In The End”

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