Saturday, February 07, 2009

"How can you help me to fully commit my life to Jesus without turning back?"

Last week I received this question via e-mail from a reader in Nairobi, Kenya, "How can you help me to fully commit my life to Jesus without turning back?"

My response:

A boy went to spend a few days at the river with His father. The father told the boy not to go in the water because of the crocodiles who lived in the water. Day after day they went down to the river and day after day they fished. The first day the boy noticed a boat nearby, and the father saw the boy looking at the boat. He told the boy that he must not get in the boat, but stay on the bank--do NOT go in the river, and do NOT get in the boat.

The more they visited the river, the more the boy wanted to get in the water. One day, the father was not looking and the boy got in the boat and drifted to the middle of the river. One of the crocodiles saw the boat, swam alongside and flipped the boat over, throwing the boy into the water. The father saw what happened and dove into the river. The father turned the boat back over, and just as he got his son back into the boat and pushed it toward the land, the crocodiles began to attack and eat his father. The father was killed while the boy got out of the boat and stood on the land.

If you were the boy, would you be sorry you had disobeyed the father?
Would you be thankful he gave his life for you, so you could live?
Would you live in such a way that you never went back into the river?
Or would you get back in the boat?

This is what God did for you in Christ Jesus. He saved you from the penalty of sin by dying on the cross and rising again. Turn from your sin and place your faith and trust in what He did for you.

Read Psalm 51 and make it your prayer.

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