Thursday, February 19, 2009

Response to Brad on “Richard Dawkins Stumped By Creationist’s Question.”

Brad, no I confess I did not research the video titled “Richard Dawkins Stumped By Creationist’s Question.” I was not aware of any resources “behind” this video. Thank you for pointing them out to me.

Here’s what grabbed me about the clip: it was not his being caught off-guard and silence in searching for an answer that seems to be portrayed. What grabbed me was the answer itself. I hear Dawkins support micro-evolution as opposed to macro-evolution; in other words, that every life-form descends from it’s own ancestor: fish from fish, people from people.

At :32 he discusses the “popular misunderstanding of evolution which says that, uh, fish turned into reptiles and reptiles turned into mammals” and in turn “look at our ancestors . . . to see the intermediates . . .” The misunderstanding, according to Dawkins, is that we would expect to see fish becoming reptiles. But we don’t. We see fish becoming fish, mammals becoming mammals, people becoming people—all from our ancestors in kind.

About 1:20, Dawkins falls into that very misunderstanding.

I agree, we are not descended from modern “anything” except our own ancestors. Just like the Bible says.

Sort of reminds me of a little bit of reading I’ve been doing in genetics. Did you know that if your parents did not have any children, there is a high percentage that you won’t either?

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