Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Preach The Truth!

Says Mr. Shelby to Mrs. Shelby in H.B. Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin.":

"I must say these ministers sometimes carry matters farther than we poor sinners would exactly care to do. We men of the world must wink pretty hard at various things, and get used to a deal that isn't the exact thing. But we don't quite fancy when women and ministers come out broad and square, and go beyond us in matters of either modesty or morals, that's a fact."


"What makes teaching the Word of God difficult is that you have to say things that you know people aren't going to like. It is inevitable that people will be offended about some of the statements in the Bible. But I dare not neglect to teach passages that are confrontive. Some people say that they can't tolerate my preaching because I am opinionated about what I believe. I often receive criticism for my apparent lack of love. But I realize that I have to say things that can wound people. However, I'd rather stand before God and hear Him say, 'You said the truth, MacArthur,' than to have Him say, 'You made everybody happy, but you didn't tell the truth.' That's the only thing I can do to live with myself in peace and to honor the God that I love."

Dr. John MacArthur, "Beware The Pretenders: Twice Dead Men (part 2)"


"What a great responsibility God has laid upon us preachers of His gospel and teachers of His Word. In that future day when God's wrath is poured out, how are we going to answer? How am I going to answer? I fear there is much we are doing in the name of the Christian church that is wood, hay and stubble destined to be burned up in God's refining fire. A day is coming when I and my fellow ministers must give account of our stewardship:

What kind of a gospel did we preach?
Did we make it plain that men and women who are apart from Christ Jesus are lost?
Did we counsel them to repent and believe?
Did we tell them of the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit?
Did we warn them of the wrath of the Lamb -- the crucified, resurrected, outraged Lamb of God?

With that kind of accounting yet to come, the question John hears from the human objects of God's wrath is especially significant: "Who can stand?" (6:17). Who indeed?

(A.W. Tozer, "Jesus Is Victor!")


A preacher came into a city and delivered his message every day in the market-place. Soon everyone ignored his all-too-familiar message, and if they did notice him, people only laughed.

A small boy asked, "Sir, why do you keep crying aloud like this day after day? The people here will never listen to you."

"I gave up hope," the preacher replied, "that they would listen to me a long time ago. I go on crying lest I begin listening to them."

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