Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Stimulus Bill Discriminates Against Religious Activity

From the American Center For Law And Justice (ht: Tim)

BREAKING NEWS : Stimulus Bill Discriminates Against Religious Activity

Our legislative team has unearthed a little noticed provision in the economic stimulus bill that is simply unacceptable. There's a provision in Section 803 of the measure that provides money for the modernization of university facilities. However, as written, the stimulus bill would prohibit schools that accept this funding from allowing religious activity to take place in those facilities.

Here's the language included in the stimulus bill:

"Grants awarded under this section shall be for the purpose of modernizing, renovating, and repairing institution of higher education facilities that are primarily used for instruction and research. . . ." Funds may not be used for the "modernization, renovation, or repair of facilities--(i) used for sectarian instruction, religious worship, or a school or department of divinity; or (ii) in which a substantial portion of the functions of the facilities are subsumed in a religious mission."

This is a discriminatory measure that must be removed from the stimulus bill.

This provision would, in fact, prohibit universities that allow student groups to use facilities for Bible studies or worship services from receiving federal funds under the stimulus package.

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