Wednesday, March 18, 2009


“Coincident with the rise of the gay rights movement in recent years has been an increasing focus on the biblical statements regarding homosexuality or sodomy. As part of this focus, the meaning of the term rsenokotai (arsenokoitai, "homosexuals"), used twice by the apostle Paul (1 Cor 6:9; 1 Tim 1:10), has received vigorous scrutiny.” (DeYoung, James. “The Source and NT Meaning of ἀρσενοκοίτη [arsenokoitai], with Implications for Christian Ethics and Ministry.”)

“American is entangled in the most heated battle of the culture wars to date. Many consider it a Waterloo. State supreme courts and city governments, senators and congressmen, community leaders, celebrities, and even clergy all have mounted a powerful offensive in support of gay "marriage." What follows is a point-by-point reply to those who are demanding this revision of civilization.” (Koukl, Greg. “Same-sex Marriage Challenges and Responses.”)

“For the past fifteen years, homosexual activists have staked their political strategy on claims that homosexuality is an inherited trait, like left-handedness, for a significant minority of human beings.” (Mohler, Al. “What About the 'Gay Gene'? An Honest Look at the Evidence.”)

“Advocates of same-sex marriage insist that their purpose is to see homosexual couples receive the same rights and privileges as married couples, and to experience the same set of satisfactions and responsibilities. Without debating their argument, at least for now, we can already see that their stated purpose does not represent the real energy behind their demand for same-sex marriage.” (Mohler, Al. “Same-Sex Marriage and the Integrity of Language.”)

“The battle over gay marriage is not just about marriage. We are witnessing the clash of two diametrically opposed worldviews--two absolutely different ways of understanding the world.” (Mohler, Al. “What's the Battle Over Gay Marriage Really About?” cf. Shorto, Russell. “What's Their Real Problem With Gay Marriage?”)

“There's no such thing as a homosexual in a technical sense...there are just people who choose to do homosexual sins. And some supposed new report came out and said, "Well, we now believe it's something you're born with." That's right. You're born with a wretched rotten sin nature. And because of certain temptations and certain problems, some people go that way into that kind of sin. But it is a perversion of God's design. It is not some thing that's a result of your genetic structure, it's not something you can't help, it's not the fault of your dominating mother or your passive father, although they may contribute to the temptation problem, it's a choice you make. And you choose to do it and you choose to keep on doing it or you choose to be changed. And you know what's so wonderful, when you realize that it isn't something you're born with but it's a sin. Then you realize you can be delivered from it like any other sin.” (MacArthur, John. “What the Bible Teaches About Homosexuality.”)

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