Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Universe Is Not Perfect By Design?

Someone wrote to a friend: "If the universe was designed perfectly our sun would not be set to nova and wipe out our entire solar system in 23 million years. And even if we could escape our solar system (which would take 4 lifetimes at the fastest we can travel currently) the Andromada galaxy is expected to colide with ours in about 20 billion years. Humans are destined for extiction if not by our own means then ether the nova or andromeda colosion, or comet. Would a universe created for us by a loving god be destined to exterminate us along with every other living thing this planet has harboured? I would hope he's a better designer than that. I suppose the rapture will happen long before any of this occurs though right? And the faithfull will be saved?"

When God created everything, He said repeatedly it was good. Stars going nova does not mean that the universe is imperfect, or that God is not loving if ours does the same. The universe is doing exactly what He made it to do--glorify Him.

God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. This means that God is offering you eternal life in Christ Jesus. Part of that blessing includes being delivered from the wrath to come (pertaining to sin) and from the destruction to come--God will make a new heaven and new earth--this must first be destroyed by fire (as He promised He would not do it with water).

Assuming the universe is imperfect implies you have an answer to these questions about the earth alone:

  • Where were you when the foundations of the earth were laid?
  • Who set it's measurements? Have you understood the expanse of the earth?
  • What is the foundation of the earth?
  • Where did water come from and why does it go some places and not others (shorelines)?
  • Can you "command the morning?"
  • Have you walked in the depths of the sea?
  • What do you know about the gates of death?
  • Where does light come from, and where does it go? And darkness?
You must know because you were born then and the number of your days is great!

  • Have you been to the places where snow and hail come from?
  • How is light divided?
  • Where and how does the east wind scatter on the earth?
  • Can you direct lightning?
  • Can you make it rain, or make a desert? Can you make a cloud?
  • Can you make water into ice down to the depths of the sea.
  • Can you gather the Pliedes or make an Orion?

  • Can you make the constellations go around in their seasons?
  • Do you know how space works?
  • Who put wisdom and understanding in the mind?
  • Take an inventory of clouds, of sand, of stars.
  • Why does dust become mud? How does it hold together?
  • Which came first: food, or hunger? What kept the first babies from starving?
  • Why do animals give birth when and the way they do? Why are they free and fearless in the open wild, but run away from the cities?
  • Why must animals be trained?
  • Why can't an ostrich fly and why don't they care for their young with more attention?
  • What makes a horse strong and why does he act the way he does?
  • Does a hawk soar because you understand it?
  • Did you command the eagle to build its nest so high? How does it see so well to hunt?

Are you able to find fault with God and contend with the Almighty?

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