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31 Days Of Loving Wisdom In Daily Life

The love of wisdom gives meaning to life. This month's series will focus on "The Enchiridion" ("The Handbook") of Epictetus, a short work containing a treasure trove of advice for living as a lover of wisdom. These writings of this Greek slave influenced one of the best and greatest Emperors of the Ancient world. Without too much effort a student can easily recognize Biblical themes. The present-day psychotherapy treatment know as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is rooted in these writings. Regardless of your worldview, spending a few minutes in The Handbook will be rewarding.

1. The Handbook and The First Rule
2. Enchiridion 2: Desire, Aversion and Disappointment
3. Enchiridion 3: Do Not Be Disturbed (On: The Nature Of A Thing)
4. Enchiridion 4: Bathing and The Nature Of An Action (On: Tranquility)
5. Enchiridion 5: Personal Responsibility
6. Enchiridion 6: Beware the Second-hand
7. Enchiridion 7:  Be Prepared
8. Enchiridion 8: Accept Reality As It's Given. That's How It Is.
9. Enchiridion 9: Ability To Choose
10. Enchiridion 10: Don't Be Swept Away
11. Enchiridion 11: Give Up, Let Go
12. Enchiridion 12: Peace Of Mind; or, "If you would improve" (part 1)
13. Enchiridion 13: You Can't Have Both; or, "If you want to improve" (part 2)
14. Enchiridion 14: Work What Is In Your Power
15. Enchiridion 15: Life As A Dinner Party
16. Enchiridion 16: Stop Distressing Yourself
17. Enchiridion 21: In A Vapor Trail
18. Enchiridion 22: Change With Humility
19. Enchiridion 23: Contentment
20. Enchiridion 37: Be Real
21. Enchiridion 38: Protect Your Mind
22. Enchiridion 41: Not To Excess
23. Enchiridion 42: "It Seemed So To Him"
24. Enchiridion 44: What You Are Not

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