Thursday, January 29, 2009

"I am afraid of another miscarriage."

“What should I do? I am upset with God and I am tired of crying. My sister had a miscarriage and I think it is my fault because of sin. I keep asking Jesus/God to give my sister another baby. I am ready for her to have another, but I am afraid of another miscarriage. What can I do to convince God to let my sister have another baby?”

Have you ever read Psalm 139? I encourage you to make verses 1-6 a prayer of admission of who God is. He knows everything about you, your sister, how you feel. The Lord is God and He is at work to display His own glory in His own way. Oftentimes we tend to get upset because we have a limited perspective on what He is doing—but He sees the big picture. These verses help us remember who is in control.

Make verses 7-12 a prayer of surrender. No matter what you experience, trust Him—believe Him. He cannot lie, so if we don’t trust Him, we are saying we know better than Him. God is right there with you, your sister, the baby--even through the darkest hour. Remember: King David had a child and lost him while he was still an infant; nevertheless, he still sought after God’s heart.

Verses 13-16 remind us of what is going on in the womb. As a father and grandfather-to-be, I have been in awe of what God does, watching babies grow and come and go in the world. God knows what He is doing. Note verse 16.

Verses 17-18 remind us that God’s thoughts are precious, and He remains near. Are His thoughts precious to you?

Verses 19-22 remind us that God is good and we need to be willing to separate from sin and wickedness—and that includes selfishness (which is idolatry—loving ourselves more than God)—check your heart and see if it is rising up against God.

Read verses 23-24. Ask God to show you your heart and confess any sin against Him (see verses 7-12). In his loving grace through the shed blood of Jesus, He is ready to forgive. This can be a comforting prayer for you.

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