Friday, January 30, 2009

"If I should die before I wake . . ."

William prayed every night before he went to bed, but last night he had trouble. "If I should die before I wake . . . if I should die . . ."

"Go on, William," said his mother, "you know the rest of the prayer."

"Just a moment," he said, and jumping to his feet he ran out the bedroom door and down the stairs. Shortly, his running feet brought him quickly back into the room, and he fell down on his knees, taking up the prayer from where he left off.

When his mother asked him about what happened, William said, "Mom, I thought about what I was saying and had to stop and put all Johnny's skateboard tools back on his dresser. I had hid them just to see how mad he'd be in the morning. If I should die before I wake, I wouldn't want him to find them missing. Lots of things seem fun if your gonna keep on living, but you don't want 'em that way if you die before you wake."

His mother's voice quivered, "You are right, sweetheart."

What wrong do you need to undo against someone, in case you die before you wake?

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