Saturday, January 05, 2013

Epiphany Eve

This is the weekend we observe Epiphany, the manifestation of Jesus to the Gentiles. Sunday (Epiphany Sunday) is the Swedish holiday called the "13th Day of Christmas." What did your true love give on that day?

We would be correct to recall the visit of the Magi. I like the common picture that comes to mind when we think of “epiphany.” This is when that little light bulb goes on, you know, the one above our heads when we have an idea. When we get it--but what are we to "get?"

A few short weeks ago as our pastor was preparing to deliver our Christmas message, a small child’s voice lifted above the congregation, “do you know what Christmas is about? It’s about Jesus, the light of the world.” All we could do was applaud our Amen. The child shared Epiphany perfectly. The child reminded us that the light turning on is more than a feeling, more than a concept, a realization.

Epiphany the is singular reality of God touching all mankind in the person of Christ. He is the Son of God.

The Magi got it when they saw the light. Then followed it.

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